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I know you have been looking for some information on this new Earth4Energy renewable energy system, and you probably know how hard it is to find reliable information. This is why I put this website together in the first place.

In this article, I’m going to give you the lowdown on the Earth4Energy system …the good the bad and the ugly. By the end of it you’ll know everything you need to know in order to pick it up for yourself and start saving on your electric bill, or forget about it if it’s not.

What is the Earth4Energy system?

Earth4Energy is a renewable energy system that became popular a couple of years ago after worldwide energy costs skyrocketed. Many of the users apparently reported incredible savings on their month-to-month electric bills.

Since 2008, it has been seen on TV and in many newspapers and magazines around the world. There is a good deal of Earth4Energy Reviews for you to go through if you have a lot of spare time. The Earth4Energy system has gained popularity in the mainstream as a safe and convenient way to lower your electric bills.

Michael Harvey designed the Earth4Energy system, and is an electrician with over 20 years of experience. He was like many of us in that he has paid excessive electricity prices for years, and finally he got to the point where he wanted to make a change, and look into solar power.

After a year or so of research, Michael was able to take the information that he found to design and build his own solar panel, which he used to power many of the items in his home. He found that it reduced his energy bill by a small amount, but was not what he originally had envisioned when he started this project.

After more experimentation, Michael was able to create a couple more solar panels that were better than his first attempt, and were able to completely meet the energy needs of his home and family.

With more refinement, Michael was able to produce a solar panel for less than $200, and after sharing the idea with friends and family members, decided to create a manual that has the step by step instructions so that others can build their own solar panels, and start experiencing significant savings on their electric bills.

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Why Earth 4 Energy is Different

The Earth4Energy guide shows you how to make a solar panel that is capable of generating 12 to 18 volts of electricity with up to 75 watts of current. The energy output is strong enough to charge a 12 volt deep cycle battery with ease.

The system was designed for folks to generate their own power with a small investment of capital, and some people have been able to even completely replace their energy needs with the system.

The Earth4Energy system also gives you the option of harnessing wind power for energy, and comes complete with a guide to build a home wind power generator and a Do It Yourself (DIY) manual to create a solar panel.

You can choose which of the 2 forms of renewable energy best suits your energy needs, and what is more appropriate for the climate that you live in. The beauty of the system is that it is adaptable for any climate. In some areas it may make sense to harness wind power, as it may provide more energy for your time and effort.

Is There A Earth For Energy Scam?

There are a lot of rumors and dis-information that has been spread around the internet regarding the Earth4Energy system, and this is pretty typical of do it yourself power systems in general.

Most of the folks that claim it is a scam are people that expect to make something substantial with little or no effort, do not have backgrounds in working with electricity, or have not actually tried to make solar panels themselves.

It is not easy or simple to replace your electric bill. You cannot have the expectation that being able to partially or completely eliminate bills that you or someone else have been paying for during your entire life is something that you will do in just a few hours. Depending on your drive, experience level, time available, and mechanical ability – it could take a few days to do this, or it may take you a few months.

This is a complete guide, and contains all of the steps and information that you need to build a fully functional solar panel that will generate the amount of energy that the system claims it will.

Can It Be Done for $200 or Less, As Claimed By Michael Harvey?

Buying the parts you need such as the solar cells, batteries, power converter, and cables can be expensive if you buy them at full retail price. You should be prepared to do some comparison shopping and to find recycled parts so that you can build a solar panel for under $200. It can be done, and has worked for thousands of people, but it is not as simple as going to the store and buying supplies.

Are you willing to spend 1 or 2 weeks sourcing for damaged solar cells, fix them and use it on your homemade solar array? A lot of folks are simply not willing to take the time and effort to do this.

Are you willing to take the time to talks with several people at local golf courses, talk with a golf cart maintenance technician and try to strike a deal with him so he’ll trade you the old deep cycle batteries? This is not difficult, and will be one of your best options if you want to build an inexpensive solar panel that will replace your electric bill.

Above are the steps that Michael Harvey took to create a solar panel for less than $200. Is using renewable energy, and being able to do it for less than $200 worth it to you?

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If You Are Considering Trying the Earth4Energy System For Yourself, There Are A Few Things You Need To Know…

Earth4Energy is a complete system, and has all of the step by step instructions, pictures and diagrams that you need to make your own home solar panels. You will have to find and acquire the parts and supplies to actually build the solar panels. If you do not own many tools, you may have to purchase some.

It is a good practice to use renewed, recycled, refurbished, and used tools and parts for any do it yourself projects that you might decide to complete. Many folks believe that they need to buy new tools and supplies, which is not the case.

You can find used and refurbished tools and supplies in a wide variety of places, including in the Thrifty Nickel, and in the classified ads in your local newspaper. There are also a lot of websites online where you can find used tools, including on eBay, Craigslist,, and other popular auction sites.

Earth4Energy includes several other resources which make the cost of the system a steal:

  • 83 Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy Needs to help you Maximize Your Savings
  • Exclusive Parts Supplier List so that you don’t need to go hunting for Parts
  • 3 Great Interesting and Knowledge Enhancing Ebooks to Empower You With the right Knowhow
  • 3 Hours of Step by Step Easy to Follow, Explicit Videos So that You don’t Have to Waste Time Rummaging through Endless Confusing Lists of Textual Instructions
  • A Lifetime Membership to the Earth4Energy Support Program
  • And FINALLY, An IRS Tax Debate Form, so That Not Only Do You Save Money on Your Energy Bills, but The Government Pays You For Doing So Thanks to Recent Legislations…

Potential negatives of Earth4Energy that users have claimed is that the customer service feedback they received was slow and took more than one day. Another potential negative that you should be aware of is that the do it yourself guide to building a wind power generator does not have the same detail as the solar panel guide.

What most users of the product have experienced:

  • The Earth4Energy guide is straight-forward, and is written in a way so that anyone can understand it. You do not have to be an electrician to understand the guide, and is designed for the average layperson to comprehend and use to build their own solar panels. Users report that is has step by step instructions, nothing is left out, and the wording is clear and concise.
  • Many users comment about how valuable the Earth4Energy principles are, since they also show you how to maintain your energy system once its set up. Apparently, this will help you to avoid having to pay for replacements and repairs that most people would end up paying for. The system also includes valuable insight into how to store energy so the entire system is more efficient, and the cost savings are multiplied.
  • Most users appear to be very impressed with the video instruction that is included with your purchase, and how it helps to make things crystal clear for folks that learn better by watching.

Earth 4 Energy Guarantee

The Earth 4 Energy system is offered by Clickbank, and you are covered by the unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is great because if you do not find the value that Michael Harvey’s system promises, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price without any questions or hassles.

Earth 4 Energy Review Conclusion

Earth4Energy is a legitimate product that with a solid track record. It has been used successfully by thousands of people around the world, and the consensus of the users is that the guide provides the step by step instructions in a clear and usable way that layperson can follow and implement.

Just like in any home improvement project, it will require time and effort to complete. If you do not have experience with electricity or are not mechanically inclined, you may have to acquire these basic skills to complete a project like this that is moderately difficult.

You may incur additional expense if you do not have your own tools, or if you decide not to go with recycled or refurbished tools and supplies to build your own home energy system with, just as Michael Harvey has.

For someone that has basic mechanical skills and has worked with electrical components before – and also possesses the time and effort for a project like this – Earth4Energy appears to be a terrific product.

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